Nadine aka Pippin (elvishtard) wrote in dcon_connection,
Nadine aka Pippin

DCon attendees from Augusta, GA!

Hey everyone, I tried putting this on the regular DCon community, but of course its on massive lock down -_-, so maybe this community is more fitting.

My boyfriend, m_cubicle and I were wondering if there were any DCon attendees that were from Augusta, besides ninepointfivemm and royalconspiracy??

You may have seen my boyfriend and I as TDK Joker and Harly Quinn or Dr. Quinzell:

Pit and Link for the Super Smash Brothers Brawl group:

And we were also at the Pirate Party as PotC AWE Elizabeth and Will. I helped judge the costume contest. I also did a dead Quidditch player with a snitch in my head for Yule Ball. AND we were Elrond and Thranduil for Evening in Bree.

Leave a comment if you're from Augusta! We were thinking of doing a meet up at a local bookstore, coffee shop or restaurant!
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