charlotte.annunciata (nyxnightingale) wrote in dcon_connection,

Grasping at smoke.. "Bobby" again.

Okay. I'll post it again. For the love of God.

His name was Bobby, looked about late twenties, early thirties. We talked a long time in the Hyatt ballroom level next to the elevators. You gave me sake with gold flakes in it.

I got really scared that I was going to have an indiscretion.. so I kinda took off with my group without getting your contact info. I REALLY wish I hadn't.

If ANYONE is on D*C STAFF, Bobby worked in the GUEST division, and has been on staff for 8 years. Description: lived just outside of Atlanta, GA, average height, maybe a little over average weight, and I'm decently certain was a member of the 501st (as he had Imperial symbol contact lenses.)

I'mean, fuck. Even if late Friday night (I had just missed the Abney Park concert) you saw a staff dude and a goth girl in a bellydance bra and a top hat flirting next to the Hyatt elevators.. TELL ME! I'll be damned if that bastard wasn't interested!

Christ, this is grasping at smoke, but I just wanna talk to the guy! T_T
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